Various Wooden Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Find wonderful wooden designs with various themes to decorate your handmade jewelry creations, your creations and all your seasonal constructions such as charms and candles. Choose wooden motifs painted with representations by Frida Kahlo but also original wooden elements with two holes, ideal for macrame knitting.

Select wooden fairy-tale designs, wooden spaceships, nutcracker designs and wooden peacock feathers with beautifully painted colors. Choose small round components with traditional Greek tsarouchia shoes, soccer balls, snowflakes and designs with the earth and other planets.

Discover in our collection incredible wooden designs with “together forever” figures, designs with superheroes as well as puzzle pieces with beautiful representations and blackboards on which you can write wishes.

Choose wooden moons, stars, mermaids, carriages, designs with princesses and princes, wooden door decorations for baby boy and girl, wooden tags with wishes for "Best Friends" as well as beautiful dolls with moving parts.

Find in our collection, wooden bracelets, wooden pendants dressed and adorned with colorful cords, painted masks, tipi tents, kites, clouds and original designs with rainbows and hearts.

Discover the possibilities offered by Nikolis Group using wood. Our goal is the daily enrichment of our collection with new wooden components that will excite you and inspire your handmade creations.

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1 - 100 of 232