Create unique necklaces and earrings with matte ceramic beads in pastel tones!

Choose ceramic beads in beautiful pastel matte colors and create wonderful romantic jewelry for your every look. Discover a huge variety of colors in ceramic beads with a hole diameter of 4mm to decorate metal bracelets, necklaces and earrings. To make unique fixed necklaces, choose flat metal brass necklaces and pass the ceramic beads by fixing them with smart bead clasps. You can add a slider bail with a loop in the center, to hang beautiful metal triangular geometric pendants to complete the necklace. By the same token you can create bracelets, choosing countless color combinations with ceramic beads and adding metallic pendants with transparent enamel in beautiful designs such as the cross. You can also make unique earrings by choosing metal earrings in the shape of a drop which you can decorate with ceramic beads and fix them with flexible aluminum wire in the color of your choice.