Components for Spring Bracelets

Explore all the "Martis" components you need in order to create beautiful red and white spring bracelets. Discover a wide variety of charms, pendants and connectors in metal, wood and plexi acrylic in order to create the most unique jewellery and spring bracelets. Decorate your bracelets with glass beads and tassels for a unique result. March is the the first month of spring and in Greece we wear a bracelet in order to both welcome spring and protect ourselves from the hot sun. A tradition that has become a unique fashion trend. Use red and white cords and ribbons for your bracelets as well as connectors with seasonal wishes for macrame braidings. Combine your creations with metallic beads, evil eye designs and pom pons for a magnificent result.

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  • Plexi Acrylic Spring Parts

    Explore our wide range of methacrylate connectors for your bracelets. Discover the various products and materials inspired by the "Martis" tradition to create the most beautiful spring bracelets. Choose the plexi components and connectors and combine them with beads, connectors and tassels to create your traditional bracelet.

  • Wooden Spring Parts

    Discover a wide variety of wooden items for spring. Look for beautiful drawings, painted on wood with ladybugs, hearts, eyes, flowers and swallows. Create handmade bracelets following the "Martis" style by choosing the style you prefer by creating the bracelets for you, your friends and your family. You can also use macrame and beaded connectors to decorate bracelets and jewelry.

  • Metallic Spring Parts

    Find here all the metal elements to create the spring bracelets. Look for our collections of original designs, swallows, ladybugs, horseshoes, butterflies and stunning "Martis" themed pieces. You can use connectors with inscriptions, kites and original representations.
    Choose components enamels and zamak buttons to create the most beautiful bracelets.

  • Spring Cords

    Discover our collection of cords to create your favorite spring bracelets. The red and white threads join together to form the "Martis" style bracelet, to welcome spring according to the Greek tradition. Immerse yourself in our variety of cotton cords, synthetic cords, polyester and ribbons to give to your bracelets a more special and personal touch. Combine beaded ribbons and charms for your creations.

  • Various Spring Parts

    For this spring you can create beautiful bracelets with original materials. Find here the plexi connectors with representations of spring on the theme "Martis", doves, ladybugs, flowers and kites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Choose glass ladybug connectors to add character to your spring creations.

  • DIY Martakia Ideas