Metal Clasps & Terminals for Jewellery

Discover all the metal clasps and terminals you need, to complete and properly fasten your jewellery designs. Nikolis Group designs and produces exclusively for you, including T-clasps in a variety of designs and sizes. Select designs like wings, feathers, buckles, crosses, arrows, hooks, anchors, hearts and flowers with engraved patterns or settings for flat backs, stars, birds, and locks, that apart from their functionality as T-clasps, also add finess to your jewelry. For an equally beautiful look, choose from our Magnetic clasps, featuring designs based on the size of the cord you have used. Flat and round clasps are both available, in many different shapes, such as oval, tube, ball, round, rhombus, rectangular, or irregular, in a selection of metal platings to suit your needs. Find unique pieces, with engraved geometrical lines and stripes, with dragons, butterflies, nautical knots and marine styles, male and female symbols with chaton setting, and sets with fish, hearts, and flowers. You could also use clasps, buttons, and terminals with settings for crystals or flat backs, to give some extra glam to your handmade bracelets or necklaces. For a fast yet elegant fastening, use Smart bead clasps, which have a rubber interior and can easily replace the macrame fastening, since their workmanship also allow size adjustments. Our website also offers clasps for regaliz leather cords, terminals with loops, as well as metal buttons that can be used for necklaces, bracelets, or even seasonal accessories. Discover our vast collection of brass terminals and end-caps, in several sizes, metal platings, and shapes, like knots, tubes, and engraved designs, to fasten your jewellery with attention to detail.

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    Explore in this category all the metal magnetic clasps designs in order to fasten your creations. Magnetic clasps are a brilliant way to close successfully your creations and a very unique one. Nikolis Group offers you a huge variety of designs and sizes in order to select your favourite and create beautiful handmade jewelry. Select your favourite flat or round cord and choose respectively your favourite design of magnetic clasps in various sizes and platings. Discover magnetic clasps especially designed for regaliz cords, or magnetic hearts in different platings and sizes. Find beautiful ethnic flat magnetic designs and half bracelets with settings for flat or round cords as well as magnetic engraved tubes and cubes with beautiful details.


    Find in this category all the lock-locket clasps for your handmade jewelry and creations. Choose from this wide selection of clasps, beautiful metal designs with zircon and enamel in different sizes and colors. Select rectangular or oval metal lock-locket clasps with transparent or colored zircons. You can also choose clasps in the shape of a heart, star or safety pin as well as in the shape of a Hamsa hand or a butterfly. Find metal colored lock-locket clasps to give extra color to your creations and your jewelry. Discover wonderful lightning designs, crosses and padlocks to complete your creations. Use stars, hearts and crosses with white, black, red and colorful enamel for a unique result.

  • T - CLASPS

    Browse this category to find our collection of zamak metal T-clasps, to fasten your jewellery in style. Apart from the classic fastening methods, Nikolis Group offer you unique designs of our own production, to select your favorites and create your own handmade bracelets and necklaces. Many of our T-clasps are also designed to incorporate flat back crystals, flat backs acrylic stones, or enamel for a beautiful and unique result. Discover our wide selection of metal platings and designs in metal T-clasps such as feathers, hooks, crosses, geometrical designs, round and irregular shapes as well as flowers, animals and arrows. Find unique set clasps such as hearts, symbols, handcuffs, tags and padlocks. Explore our vast collection of metal T-clasps and find your favourite design in order to create unique jewellery.


    Find various zamak and brass metal clasps and buttons on our website that can be combined with different cords. For flat cords, you can find clasps in the shape of a hook, anchor, heart, buckle, fish, handcuffs, but also several options with settings for flat backs or rivoli. For round cords, discover our styles featuring tubes, an axe, dolphin tail, shark, rectangular and oval shapes, as well as sliders and clasps with 2 holes and chaton settings. We have also designed clasps for rubber and regaliz leather cords. You will find zamak clasp connectors, bails, hooks, and clasps with clips. Use beautiful metal buttons to compliment your jewellery and decorate your seasonal accessories. We have designed and produced several metallic buttons, including discs, cross designs hearts, flowers, hammered look components, and options with settings for rivoli. Finally, choose from our smart bead clasps for easy yet discrete fastening options. Smart bead clasps are perfect to replace the classic macrame end knot, as their design allows length adjustments. Create your own unique necklaces and bracelets, using the metal clasps Nikolis Group has produced especially for you.


    All the zamak and brass metal terminals, clasps, and end caps you need, can be found on our collection, to complete your jewellery designs. Discover our wide collection of terminals for different sizes of flat and round cords, and options suitable for ball chains. Nikolis Group offers products of the highest quality, including our terminal and end caps, which have been designed for perfect application. Review our designs, to find terminals with more than one holes, loops, and rings, metal clasps, spacer links, extension tubes, flat cord clips, curved and half terminals, horns, and wire guardians, to beautifully complete all your jewellery pieces. Find bead and end caps, featuring knots, flowers, engraved patterns, irregular or tube shapes, and caps with hangers to add an extra decoration. Combine all your favourite terminals with our collection of cords, to create your own unique handmade jewellery.


    Browse through this section and select all the lobster clasps you need to create wonderful jewelry. Discover lobster clasps in a variety of great designs. Find in our collections metal clasps, zircon designs as well as acrylic lobster clasps. Choose your favorite design and color that suits your handmade creations. Find different plating, colors and sizes. Choose round clasps, in the shape of flowers, hearts as well as lobster clasps with hammered surfaces and rectangular designs. Make beautiful keychains and jewelry with metal round lobster clasps.