Fashion Items for Jewellery

Browse this section to find all the fashion accessories you need to decorate and embellish your creations. Nikolis Group offers a variety of products and designs that will make your creations special. Find the whole collection of feathers, tassels and pom pons in many sizes and colors. Discover semi-finished accessories, keychains as well as mosaic, felt, leather, fabric, fur and wool items. Choose fabric components and flatback buttons to decorate bags, sandals, hats and jewelry. Discover pendants, bells and strass sheets that you can cut and use to decorate bracelets, rings and sandals. Select embroidered patches to decorate clothes, bags, hats, t-shirts, pants and jackets. Nikolis Group offers you materials of unparalleled quality and design. Discover our collection of tassels and feathers to create earrings, add colored touches to bracelets and seasonal creations such as lucky charms and candles. Create your own personal style by choosing designs and components from the wide variety of fashion materials offered by Nikolis Group.

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