Synthetic Evil Eyes for Jewellery

Browse through this section to find our whole collection of synthetic eyes in various designs and sizes. Make beautiful jewelry with resin beads with eyes in blue colors. Discover polyester round eye beads that you can add to your bracelets and necklaces combined with the chains of your choice.

Discover in our collection polyester flat beads with enameled eye designs to use as central components in your bracelets. Find a huge variety of flatback eyes to add to fabrics, metal bases, handmade wooden creations and plexi pendants to decorate your jewelry. Choose flatback eyes with glitter or with a realistic eye effect.

In this category you can find leather pendants with marcasite in various designs with synthetic eyes as the central component to create wonderful keychains and pendants which will impress you and your loved ones.

Choose polyester eye beads in different sizes to match your every handmade creation. Create unique bracelets with synthetic eye beads in wonderful colors.

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1 - 60 of 60