Wooden Christening Charms & Pendants

Discover the entire collection of Nikolis Group with wooden pendants for godfathers, godmothers and for the best godchild. Find special and uniquely designed charms and pendants that honor the godmother and the godfather. You can choose between natural wood and colored-painted pendants that stand out for their design originality. 

Select your favourite godmother or godfather design and create either beautiful jewelry or add the pendants in key rings for the perfect gift. They can also be glued to a bigger craft composition or be decorated with flatback stones, ribbons and strass for a more glamourous or sophisticated result.

In addition to christenings and events, the wooden godfather and godmother pendants, can also be used for seasonal creations such as decorate the Easter candles but also create beautiful lucky deco charms.

Discover the unparalleled quality and excellent application of the materials offered by Nikolis Group and make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for the godparents.

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1 - 40 of 40