Metal Enamelled Evil Eyes for Jewellery

Browse through all the metal pendants, charms and connectors with enamel eyes that Nikolis Group offers. Discover a wonderful collection of metal enameled eyes in various sizes, designs and colors. Find beautiful enamel combinations in wonderful eye designs to make jewelry, handmade creations and key chains. Find teardrop-shaped eyes, eyes with beautiful enamel lashes, metal tubes with eyelets, small enameled components and slider eyes as well as metal connectors decorated with colorful enamel in the shape of an eye.

Choose metal slider tubes with enamel to create wonderful jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Choose metal round eyes with multiple enamel colors and rings, ideal for braiding macrame knots and making beautiful bracelets.

Find designs of sun-like eyes with enamel in unique matching pale colors as well as unique designs of hands and safety pins with colored enamel eyes. Select metal enameled crosses with eyes to add to your baptism or wedding favors.

You can use large metallic pendants with pearlized and matte colored enamel to make unique necklaces and statement earrings. At the same time, you can choose metal sliders with eyes with various exciting enamel colors. Discover metal bases with red and blue enamel as well as round components with mustard and ecru eye color.

Discover stunning metal eyes with transparent enamel, with enamel lashes in various sizes, with suns and hearts designs to create the most beautiful jewelry sets. Discover little houses with eyes, metal trees of life with enamel eyes and summer designs with fish, eyes and colorful enamel.

Find also metal butterfly charms with enamel eyes as well as crosses with eyelets and designs such as the Hamsa hand with an enamel eye, metal tags with enamel, horseshoes and lucky charms with eyes and enamel.

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1 - 100 of 388