Ceramic & Mosaic Evil Eyes for Jewellery

Find in this category all the ceramic eyes in various designs and sizes to decorate your handmade creations. Discover wonderful ceramic eyes with enamel and choose your favorites to make amazing necklaces and jewelry, as well as handmade lycky charms, candles and seasonal crafts.

Choose beautiful ceramic cubes in unique pastel colors with round eyes to make necklaces, earrings and jewelry sets. Use ceramic cube sliders on chains and cords of your choice and create countless color combinations on DIY bracelets as well as earrings and necklaces.

Choose ceramic tube sliders with enamel eyes as well as ceramic fish sliders to make wonderful bracelets, jewelry and keychains. Choose eye-catching ceramic oval components, large ceramic pendants in the shape of a four-leaf clover, boats and small ceramic eyes and use them as central elements in your creations.

Discover unique ceramic designs of Nikolis Group’s own design and production with eyes in wonderful color combinations and contrasts. Choose impressive ceramic eye designs with glitter enamel, transparent enamel but also with unique matte or pearlized enamel colors.

Decorate good luck charms, candles and any seasonal creation, choosing ceramic enamel eyes and ceramic beads with eye designs. You can also decorate the ceramic eyes with tassels and create wonderful keychains or choose metal beads in the shape of hearts and crosses with eyes to make seasonal bracelets.

Find wonderful color combinations and choose ceramic eye sliders for each of your jewelry creations. We offer you a wide variety of designs and sizes for you to choose your favorite ceramic eye, which can be round, in the shape of a bead, paisleys, flat rhombus, tags ideal for macrame braids, ceramic eye square sliders or beads, but also large wonderful ceramic pendants with stunning eye designs and enamel colors.

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1 - 67 of 67