Metal Beads, Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Discover all the metallic parts you need for jewelry, such as zamak and brass metal charms and pendants, that Nikolis Group has designed and produced exclusively for you. Our facilities are equipped with casting, polishing and plating machines, as well as cutting and engraving machines, allowing for a wide selection of designs, high quality, and originality.

Explore metal angels, stars, animals, birds and insects, figures of boys and girls, keys, hearts, geometric pendants, and lucky charms. Select from a variety of crosses and metal beads to create unique christening bracelets and baptismal souvenirs. Add metal letters and numbers to compliment your jewellery designs. Find summer metal components suitable for macrame braids. Choose metal charms and pendants with enamel, rubber effect, or with rhinestones to give color to your creations.

Furthermore, discover our vast collection of metallic bracelets, cuffs, rings, and earrings, as well as connectors to incorporate in your designs, and create beautiful handmade necklaces, and other jewelry. Decorate the metal bracelets with laces, cords, and ribbons for a unique result. Add finesse by selecting metal beads of different shapes and sizes such as faceted, flattened or irregular beads and decorate them with beautiful patterned metal caps. Nikolis Group offers you the service of engraving, that can be applied on any metallic smooth surface. Choose any plain flat metal surface from our collection and we can engrave your logo or design exclusively for you and give your creations an added value that will make them unique. Explore our collection of engraved metal pendants and connectors with beautiful compositions or phrases. Find in our collections, metal sliders, washers, tubes, spacers, bails, settings and various designs for regaliz cords. Discover our designs of metal flowers and leaves, filigree, ethnic and steel pendants and explore our unique collection of coin charms, and metal tags for macrame braidings.

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    Discover unique zamak and brass metal beads, tubes, sliders, and washers to create your own jewelry. Select your favourite designs from our collection, exclusively designed by Nikolis Group. Metal beads and tubes can be incorporated into any jewellery design, to serve any taste and style. Find round, cube, rectangular, cone, oval, irregular, and flattened bead pieces, as well as squared tubes. We offer high quality craftmanship with engraved patterns and striped washers that elevate all bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Select different designs of metal beads such as flowers, roses, the sun, an eye, a snail, or with coil effect , and many other engraved options. You can also find spacers and beads shaped like a shell, a snowflake, a fish, a bone, and many ball shaped options in different designs. Choose from a variety of faceted beads, tubes, and connectors, in several sizes, to create the perfect handmade jewellery. A selection of metal platings are available, allowing for a diverse collection. Use double and triple washers and spacers, curved, oval, irregular, or engraved tubes to add volume. Metal designs like a nut, a disc, an "x", or with a wavy surface, can be found on our collection. Finally, filigree ball metal beads give a beautiful look to your jewelry, key rings, lucky charms, and christening bracelets.


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms crosses of all types ande sized for jewelery making


    Discover Nikoli's group wide collection of zamak and brass Ethnic pendants and charms, available in different platings. Create unique and distinct jewelry using classic metal designs, spiritual symbols, tribals, and geometric pieces in several sizes. Select from a variety of original and elegant metal feathers, dream catchers, metal bars, sliders, rectangular and round pendants, as well as collar and cast connectors that will inspire you and add character to your designs. Find Celtic and Egyptian symbols, ethnic geometric shapes, filigree, bar pendants and connectors, hand fans, horns, tooth charms, and arrows, to combine with other fashion components and create earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Choose from the Om symbol, the Hamsa hand of Fatima, the Yin-Yang symbol, and Buddha's head, to make your own unique good luck jewelry, key-rings, and male jewelry sets. You can decorate your jewellery with elaborate ethnic metal charms and pendant designs, as well as metallic connectors that will allow you to add beads, semiprecious stones, and tassels. For a beautiful result, combine your favourite ethnic design with our wide variety of chains or cords to compliment your creations.


    Here you will find all the metallic pendants and charms with enamel for your wonderful handmade jewelry creations. Create unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings by choosing enameled metallic components with geometric and summer designs. Choose enameled metal animals, enameled metal sliders as well as lucky charms. Enameled metallic pendants and charms give intensity to your creations and are ideal for jewelry, wedding favours and any of your seasonal creations.


    Designing and producing metal zamak sliders of all types and sized for jewelery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak spacers bails of all types and sized for jewelery making


    On our website you can find all the zamak metal sliders you need especially designed for Regaliz leather cords. Discover our full collection of designs, including different geometric shapes like tubes, oval and cube options, circles, and squares that can decorate your styles. You could make bracelets with regaliz leather cords, adding metal sliders with flowers, crowns, the evil eye, cupid, hearts, or bails for charms, all perfect for giving a handcarfted appeal to your designs. Explore a variety of spacers, sliders in different symbols and shapes like the half-moon, knots, crowns, heart, angels, little animals depictions, fish and owls in order to create beautiful complete regaliz jewelry collection.


    Nikolis Group offers a wide collection of zamak, brass and aluminum metal tags to use for your jewellery. Tags and bracelets with plain settings are ideal to engrave a phrase, names, numbers, dates, a design or your logo, using a variety of available fonts, and give value to your personalized jewelry. You could also apply flatbacks, to add a feminine touch. Discover our beautiful metal geometric pendants with plain surfaces, as well as our charms and connectors that are ideal to use for macrame braids. We also offer bracelets with curved plain bars, with a round base or setting, ready to wear, and add your custom engraving. Select your favourite shape, oval, round, rectangular, triangular cast, or sliding flat bar, in a variety of sizes, and your favourite metal plating, to make unique handmade bracelets and necklaces. Combine with chains, pearls, and beads to give character to your jewelry, key rings or baptismal souvenirs.


    Greek products of exceptional quality, with perfect technical specifications, anti-allergic, without Nickel and Lead, in different types of plating. We design and produce unique metal settings, bases and frames for your handmade creations. Use metal bases and decorate them with either Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones and even glass beads. Create ethnic, boho statement necklaces and earrings and follow the trends with special handmade jewelry.

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    Designing and producing metal zamak charms connectors of all types ande sized for jewelery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak artistic style statement base for jewellery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms and pendants summer style for jewelery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms and pendants love and hearts for jewelery making


    A full collection of zamak metal star and moon charms and pendants has been designed and produced by Nikolis Group exclusively for you. Discover a variety of metallic stars, sun and half-moon designs, clouds, and planets in different sizes to compliment your jewelry. Select metal sliders and connectors with stars to decorate your macrame braided bracelets. Use stars that are hollow, round stars, the sheriff's star, or shapes like a bar or a drop with stars, for all time classic jewelry pieces. Star beads can also elevate your necklace and bracelet designs, as well as bails to add another charm. You can choose metal charms in the shape of moon or star in order to create beautiful bracelets, christenings gifts, key rings as well as decorate all your seasonal crafts such as Easter candles and lucky deco gifts and jewelry.


    Explore Nikoli's Group collection of zamak and brass metal angels and fairies, to create your own bracelets, necklaces, earrings and jewelry. You can select metal pendants and charms in a variety of angel and fairy designs, cupid, and angel wings to decorate your jewellery. Discover spacers, sliders, and connectors to apply on different cords and create beautiful angel themed macrame braids. All the metal charms and pendants you need, with options of various platings, are designed and produced exclusively for you, and can compliment perfectly chain necklaces, and earrings.  Choose metal fairies sitting on half moon designs, metal round charms with angels and wishes for good luck as well as large metal pendants with angels in order to create unique necklaces and jewelry but also decorate all your seasonal creations.


    A variety of zamak and brass metal figures, boys and girls, have been designed and produced by Nikolis Group exclusively for you. Discover designs, such as dancers, princess and prince figures, man and woman couples, and metal family connectors, to create your own beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Select you favourite pieces from our collection of charms and pendants, featuring face designs, baby boys and girls, hearts and stars with boys and girls, suitable also for macrame braids. Find unique metal pendants with baby boy and girl words, among other shapes like a boy with a football, a pirate boy, and cameos, to decorate your keyrings, handbags, Easter candles, lucky charms, and Baptismal souvenirs.


    Explore our collection of zamak metal animal charms and pendants to make beautiful jewelry. We offer a variety of metal jungle animals, pets, farm animals, and other various designs. Click into our jungle category, to browse and find metal lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, zebras, giraffes, and monkey charms, pendants and sliders. Nikolis Group offers a variety of metal pet and farm charms and pendants, such as dogs and cats, paw prints, dog bones, rabbits and bunnies, horse charms, pigs, and cows. You will also find metallic connectors and sliders for versatility in your designs. Mythical creatures like Pegasus, dragons and unicorns can also be found. For a more "dark romance” approach, select bats, snakes and cobras, wolves, owls, and metal lizards that also allow for a male or a unisex collection. All the metal animals you could be searching for, have been designed and produced with excellent workmanship from Nikolis Group. Explore our complete collection of metal animal designs with bears and koalas, lamas, turtles, fox charms, snails, deer, frogs, camels, and mice. Finally, you can also select teddy bears, rocking horses, bunny ears, bathtub ducks, or reindeer, for kids jewellery, christening bracelets and baptismal souvenirs.


    Review and select from our wide collection of zamak and brass metal birds, butterflies, and insects, including charms, pendants and sliders for your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You will find exclusive designs of our own production, such as metal swallows, parrots, swans, and peacocks. Select special designs featuring butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and ladybugs. You can also find metal charms, and connectors with beetles, flies, and spiders for macrame braids, as well as the cicada, the scorpio, the owl, and the pelican, to create your own jewellery or keyrings. Discover a variety of bird cages and houses, garlands with birds, peacock feathers, frames with butterflies and metal pieces suitable to add flatbacks.


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms flowers of all types and sized for jewelery making


    Metal components and beads suitable for making jewelry. Greek products, of exceptional quality, with perfect technical specifications, anti-allergic, without Nickel and Lead, in a variety of platings. We design and produce metal components exclusively for you. Use them in your jewelry creations, for wedding favors, fashion, clothing and footwear. Enameled metal components of top quality for charms! Find in our collection various metal pendants and motifs to give style to your handmade creations.


    Metal components and metal beads suitable for creating jewelry. Make unique jewelry and fashion accessories using metallic letters, beads or numbers. Nikolis Group offers you wide variety of designs and sizes in metallic motifs with letters and numbers, perfectly combination with chains or leather cords for the ultimate rock style.


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms keys of all types and sized for jewelery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms and pendants lucky for jewelery making


    Designing and producing metal zamak charms coins of all types ande sized for jewelery making


    Decorate with metal filigree in all types, sized and colors for jewelry making


    Discover a variety of zamak metal bead caps to decorate the beads you have selected, and create impressive jewelry. Select designs you will love, and see your bracelets and necklaces transform, with simple techniques. Combine bead caps on both ends of a bead, for an even more eye-catching effect. Our collection includes beautiful and ethnic metal caps, as well as star bead caps, flowers, filigree, acorn, and patterned designs. You can also find geometric metal caps, in oval, conic, cone, and cast shapes. Use perforated metal caps with cross and flower patterns, or irregular shapes and long cone bead caps for unique handmade jewellery.