Metal Animals for Jewellery

Explore our collection of zamak metal animal charms and pendants to make beautiful jewelry. We offer a variety of metal jungle animals, pets, farm animals, and other various designs. Click into our jungle category, to browse and find metal lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, zebras, giraffes, and monkey charms, pendants and sliders. Nikolis Group offers a variety of metal pet and farm charms and pendants, such as dogs and cats, paw prints, dog bones, rabbits and bunnies, horse charms, pigs, and cows. You will also find metallic connectors and sliders for versatility in your designs. Mythical creatures like Pegasus, dragons and unicorns can also be found. For a more "dark romance” approach, select bats, snakes and cobras, wolves, owls, and metal lizards that also allow for a male or a unisex collection. All the metal animals you could be searching for, have been designed and produced with excellent workmanship from Nikolis Group. Explore our complete collection of metal animal designs with bears and koalas, lamas, turtles, fox charms, snails, deer, frogs, camels, and mice. Finally, you can also select teddy bears, rocking horses, bunny ears, bathtub ducks, or reindeer, for kids jewellery, christening bracelets and baptismal souvenirs.

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  • Jungle Animals

    Browse and select zamak metal jungle animals, designed and produced by Nikolis Group. Discover beautiful pendants and charms in different designs, like the monkey, the tiger, the leopard, the zebra, and the giraffe. Inspired by the animal kingdom, we offer metal connectors and sliders with lions and elephants to decorate cords and create beautiful macrame braidings. Decorate your handmade jewelry and seasonal creations with metallic animal designs inspired by the jungle in order to make your jewellery stand out.

  • Animals Pets

    Create beautiful jewelry with our zamak metal pet themed charms and pendants. Select from our beautiful designs, including cat and dog options, even in playful funny versions. Paw prints and dog bones can also be found, either as a charm, a connector or a slider, to fit all different jewellery options. We offer you all the metal pet animals you need for bracelets, necklace pieces, earrings, and baptismal souvenirs, allowing only your imagination to set the limits.

  • Various Animals

    Select from our wide collection of various zamak metal animal charms and pendants. Nikolis Group has designed and produced a collection of metal animal figures exclusively for you. Forest animals like the bear, wolf, fox, deer, owl, squirrel, and frog, can be perfectly applied on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Choose the metal snake, cobra, bat, lizard, bull head, or mythical creatures like Pegasus, or a dragon to synthesize unisex jewellery. Browse our collection of cords and chains, to decorate with zamak metal animal sliders.

  • Farm Animals

    Discover unique zamak metal farm animals for your jewelry designs. Select metal charms and pendants that feature a rabbit or a bunny, a horse, a pig, a cow, a rooster, or a sheep. Create your own handmade necklaces, bracelets, key rings, or decorate your Easter candles, using our beautiful metal farm animal designs. You can also select connectors from our animal theme, that are perfect for macrame braided bracelets.