Plexi Acrylic Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Explore all the plexi acrylic charms and pendants designed and produced exclusively for you. Plexi acrylic is a light and durable material, ideal for producing components for the manufacture of jewelry.

Find in our collection plexi charms and pendants of various shapes and colors, geometric, ethnic, summer, painted, plexi bracelets, earrings as well as wooden plexi acrylic parts, which combine both materials for your special appearances. Discover here all the plexi components related to family, Mother’s Day and Dad's day, charms and pendants for grandma, grandpa, godfather and godmother.

Have a look at all the crosses, pendants, connectors and sliders especially designed to create wonderful christening bracelets and wedding favors. In our collections, you will find plexi components destined for teachers and a wide variety of various designs such as puzzle pieces, soccer balls, mustaches, ties and hats, sunglasses, fairies and unicorns, geometric and ethnic parts with special representations, cats, swallows, shells, clams, sea urchins and fish.

Discover beautiful old school plexi tattoo designs and create unique earrings and necklaces as well as key rings. Choose plexi acrylic charms and pendants for all your seasonal creations such as christening gifts, Easter candles, sandals, good luck charms but also for all the gifts you want to make to your loved ones.

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    Discover all the plexi acrylic summer components offered by Nikolis Group. Every day we design and produce new summer pendants, connectors and charms so that you can create wonderful jewelry, earrings and bracelets . Our design is distinguished by imagination, passion, dedication to quality, drawing detail and variety of patterns. Discover wonderful designs such as shells, mermaids, waves, windmills, suns, sea, starfish, sea urchins, octopuses, fruits and anchors. Select summer designs such as boats, clams, pendants that have sea and island representations with monasteries, tables and sunsets. Browse through our entire collection of flip flops, fishbones, seahorses, toucans, parrots, palm trees, ice cream, sunglasses and exotic leaves. Find a wide variety of summer components for macrame braiding with designs such as mermaids, pineapples, anchors, unicorns, rainbows and cactuses to create wonderful summer bracelets with plexi acrylic parts.


    Browse through this section and find various designs to create wonderful jewelry with plexi acrylic pendants, connectors and charms. Choose plexi acrylic components for all your seasonal conceptions, souvenirs and decorative items, and make your creations stand out. Choose plexi acrylic components with dreamcatchers, unicorns, headphones, stars and hearts, christening slippers, ties, sunglasses, soccer balls and puzzle pieces. Our collection includes designs with wonderful application and detail that will elevate your creations. Find plexi spaceships, quotes and phrases, rainbow charms, windmills, plexi acrylic tags, flowers and wands for all the princes and princesses of your life. Find great items to make your own handmade candles, wedding and christening favors as well as all your favorite seasonal creations. Discover pendants and charms to create wonderful gifts for the teacher as well as macrame connectors to wear the most beautiful bracelets. Nikolis Group offers you new plexi acrylic designs daily such as boys and girls, representations of Frida and other celebrities, fairies, bracelet components for the bride and the best man, moons, stars, leaves, four-leaf clovers for good luck as well as little angels to add to your jewellery. Find crowns, angels, goblets and crosses, arrows, rings but also words like “love”, “faith”, “luck” and “freedom” that will make your creations and jewelry stand out.


    Here you will find all the plexi acrylic geometric components to create wonderful earrings, bracelets and decorative elements. Nikolis Group offers you incredible design detail and quality in all the plexi geometric pendants, connectors and charms you will choose. Find here all the geometric shapes such as round, square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle, diamond, polygonal, hexagon, drop, oval, bar as well as irregular geometric components with detachable inner pieces to be formed as a set or separately. Discover our huge variety of colors, shades and designs and choose your favorite shape in the color or pattern of your preference. Geometric designs are a timeless pattern, loved by all the great fashion designers. Create beautiful jewelry, earrings and necklaces by choosing geometric designs and shapes from the wide variety of plexi acrylic components offered by Nikolis Group.


    In this category you will find all the plexi acrylic pendants, charms and connectors related to family, Mother’s Day and Dad's Day. Nikolis Group designs and produces new ideas daily for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa. Find plexi acrylic components for the whole family and create wonderful jewelry, necklaces and bracelets with macrame components. Mother's Day is one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Find stunning designs for mom such as hearts, ovals, round shapes, squares, components with two holes for macrame use as well as crowns, little girls and diamond shapes for mommy. Discover designs for mom in plexi acrylic mirrors of various colors and shades and check all the connectors for the beloved grandmother as well. Create lovely keychains, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets for mom and grandma to show them your gratitude and love for their dedication throughout the years. Find all the "mom" plexi connectors to create handmade bracelets and decorate them with beads, crystals, semi-precious stones and shiny flatback for a unique result. Find all the components you need to make the best gift for the Super Dad we all love. Find original designs and plexi acrylic items for the family that will impress you.


    Find in this section all the plexi acrylic animals for decorating and adorning all your creations. Discover great designs of dinosaurs, lions, donkeys, elephants, swallows, birds, frogs and ladybugs that will astound you. Make unique wrist and ankle bracelets with plexi connectors for macramé with painted representations of kittens, swallows, butterflies, bunnies and ladybugs. Discover intricately crafted plexi acrylic charms and pendants in a variety of shapes such as duck, giraffe, sheep, teddy bear and dog. Find in this category as well a wide variety of plexi animals to decorate your candles, christening or wedding favors, your good luck charms and all your seasonal creations.


    Discover the entire collection of Nikolis Group of ethnic plexi acrylic pendants and charms to create unique and special jewelry, bags, decorations and fashion accessories. Find geometric patterns, round, irregular and painted with ethnic representations that will impress you. Choose designs with tartaruga, ornate leaves, charms and pendants with stunning detail as well as animals such as elephants and owls. Discover components with flowers and Celtic symbolism, round with color variations and reflections that create a unique effect. Nikolis Group also offers a combination of plexi designs with acrylic resin stones for an exceptional result. Find in this category our whole collection of ethnic pendants and charms and create wonderful jewellery, earrings, necklaces as well as seasonal creations such as sandals, candles, good luck charms, christening and wedding favors and decorations.


    Find here wonderful plexiacrylic pendants and charms with animal print representations and designs that will inspire you. Choose geometric shapes with plexi acrylic tartaruga in different colors as well as charms that we have combined with plexiacrylic gold mirrors with beautiful animal forms and patterns. Discover round, square, polygonal, tables and rectangular plexi acrylic components, irregular but also rhombuses in green and dark brown leopard colors. Find black and white designs or black leopard colors with irregular designs. Choose plexi connectors for earrings or bags with black and white or colored tartaruga designs as well as plexi acrylic leaves with animal print. Choose small square, oval and round plexi components in leopard print with holes on the sides which make them ideal for macrame bracelets. Also find oval and irregular large tartaruga pendants to create beautiful necklaces and jewelry.


    In this category you will discover the entire collection of plexi acrylic earrings offered by Nikolis Group. Find wonderful designs and colors that you can wear as minimal statement jewelry, components you can stick flatback on, rhinestones, chains, ribbons and small metal, wood and plexi components. Discover ready-made earrings with pins in multiple shapes such as oval, triangular, polygonal, fans, geometrically irregular, large stars with wonderful design and application as well as plexi charms and pendants that you can connect in the order of your preference and as a result enjoy unique and special earrings. Find wonderful shades and pick your favorite color for your plexi acrylic component. At Nikolis Group we have a wide variety of plexi acrylic colors such as mosaic, lined, reflective, pearlized, shiny, tartaruga, iris, plexi with wood effect, plexi Mother-of-Pearl (MOP), sparkling, glitter with many colors. Nikolis Group offers you the opportunity to personalize your favorite designs and creates them exclusively for you.


    This section includes all the pendants and connectors that combine two wonderful materials, wood and plexi acrylic. Discover wonderful designs that combine the classic beauty of wood with the beautiful ornate reflections of plexi acrylic. Nikolis Group offers you an incredible variety of designs and ideas to create wonderful and unique jewelry with wood-plexi pendants and connectors. Find geometric patterns such as triangle, polygon, round and oval, rhombus and square with special designs in a wide variety of colors and shades. Find vintage components that you can use for large statement earrings or for beautiful necklaces. Choose elements that are made of wood and plexi acrylic but that also have flatback stones glued on for a more impressive result. Make unique bracelets using oval macrame connectors with dreamy representations on it, with moons, wishes, quotes, hearts, locks, stars, houses with evil eyes for your good luck charms. Discover summer pendants and connectors of wood-plexi that combine the materials in a symbolic way to strengthen and give extra character to the design. See in this category flamingos, flip flops, palm trees, ice cream, geometric patterns, hearts, four-leaf clovers, words like "love", "abundance", "luck", ethnic designs, leaves and components with extra ornate abstract lace.