Wooden Beads, Charms & Pendants

Discover our huge variety of wooden charms and pendants in order to create beautiful handmade jewellery based on wood. Browse through our large collection of wooden parts, connectors and pendants in order to create unique jewelry, bags, shoes, sandals and select exceptional wooden pendants and charms to decorate your wedding favors and christening gifts as well as all your seasonal creations.

Explore our huge variety of wooden parts and beads that will fascinate you. Check out our vast variety of round, polygonal, carved, patterned, flattened, irregular and colorful wooden beads in various sizes and shapes such as round, square and tubes, to decorate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, key chains, sandals and lucky charms.

Our collections are updated daily with new and original wooden parts of our own production and design. Find in our collections animals, mermaids, princes and princesses, swans, flowers, horses, surfboards, ethnic pendants, rosewood and resin components as well as components with strass and animal print. Find all the wooden pendants especially designed for family members, for wedding favors and for christening, as well as wooden designs related to school and teachers.

We have an enormous variety of wooden charms for mom, dad, grandpa and grandma as well as for godfather and godmother. Wood is one of the most special and beautiful materials that adds character to your compositions and makes them unique.

Choose ethnic pendants for more special creations and create wonderful jewelry for all your everyday appearances. Combine geometric wooden parts to make wonderful sets of earrings with necklaces. Nikolis Group offers you a rich variety of beautiful wooden designs of unparalleled quality and application for all your creations.

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    Find here a wide variety of wooden beads to create unique jewelry. Choose wooden round beads with beautiful wood patterns that will give a unique character to your handmade creations.

    Select wooden polyhedral beads in various sizes as well as beads with shapes and designs such as cross and lines. Discover unique colorful round wooden beads with engraved circles, designs, evil eyes and soft patterns. Choose round wooden balls to decorate your bracelets and jewelry.

    Wood is a beautiful material that will give a unique character to your creations. Combine wooden round and irregular beads to make unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets for all your looks.

    Find wooden beads in a variety of sizes and designs that you can use with all the cords you prefer. Use wooden beads in various shapes such as round, polygonal, irregular, engraved with ethnic symbols, crosses, lines and stripes.

    Choose natural or colored beads to enrich your compositions and combine them with metal beads, semi-precious stones and crystals for an impressive result.

    You can use the wooden beads in all your creations such as jewelry, christening favors, bags, fabrics, sandals but also seasonal creations such as candles, spring bracelets and lucky charms. Discover a vast variety of colors, sizes and shapes.


    Find wonderful wooden summer pendants and charms to create unique jewelry and handmade creations. Pick your favorite style and select wooden fish and boats with lines and checkered patterns. Choose fish connectors ideal for making macrame bracelets.

    Use beautiful wooden painted vintage designs with an aged style in the shape of an anchor, a rudder, wooden churches inspired by the Greek islands, wooden shells, ships and fish in various sizes and wonderful colors.

    Discover wooden geometric components in summer colors with irregular lines and formations as well as beautifully painted charms with summer fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, orange and kiwi to make original pendants and earrings.

    Choose large wooden components such as starfish, kite, wooden ice cream and toucan to decorate your summer sandals. You can also use wooden corals, surfboards, flip flops, flippers, rackets and wonderful sea depictions with sunsets and fish to make the most special jewelry and keychains.

    Check the wooden summer designs of excellent quality and application for creating pendants, necklaces, earrings, key chains but also to add a summer vibe on fabrics, bags, shoes and sandals. You can use wooden summer components to decorate christening favors and seasonal creations as the specific parts can be combined with any of your ideas.


    Discover in this section beautiful rosewood pendants combined with resin to create impressive jewelry. The natural reflections of rose wood are unique and combine beautifully with the colored transparent resin.

    Choose geometric shapes with vertical and oblique layering of the two materials in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Make beautiful earrings by choosing round or irregular pendants with rosewood, giving a more distinguished character to your jewelry.

    Find in our collection a wide variety of shapes, such as round, oval, irregular and polygonal wooden pendants with resin. Choose trapezoid shapes or round small and large components that show the amazing reflections of rosewood and of the transparent multicolored resin.

    Create unique and original earrings, bracelets and necklaces and combine our components to make colorful sets of handmade jewelry for your every look. Choose oval shapes, bars, rectangles as well as irregular oval connectors with holes on the sides, ideal for macrame braiding.


    Find wonderful wooden designs with various themes to decorate your handmade jewelry creations, your creations and all your seasonal constructions such as charms and candles. Choose wooden motifs painted with representations by Frida Kahlo but also original wooden elements with two holes, ideal for macrame knitting.

    Select wooden fairy-tale designs, wooden spaceships, nutcracker designs and wooden peacock feathers with beautifully painted colors. Choose small round components with traditional Greek tsarouchia shoes, soccer balls, snowflakes and designs with the earth and other planets.

    Discover in our collection incredible wooden designs with “together forever” figures, designs with superheroes as well as puzzle pieces with beautiful representations and blackboards on which you can write wishes.

    Choose wooden moons, stars, mermaids, carriages, designs with princesses and princes, wooden door decorations for baby boy and girl, wooden tags with wishes for "Best Friends" as well as beautiful dolls with moving parts.

    Find in our collection, wooden bracelets, wooden pendants dressed and adorned with colorful cords, painted masks, tipi tents, kites, clouds and original designs with rainbows and hearts.

    Discover the possibilities offered by Nikolis Group using wood. Our goal is the daily enrichment of our collection with new wooden components that will excite you and inspire your handmade creations.


    Find here all the wooden pendants and connectors for the family. Discover wonderful designs such as wooden stars and wooden hearts with loving words written for mom, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle.

    Choose round colored pendants and charms for the family. Make astonishing jewelry and keychain gifts for the best mom and the best dad with unique designs painted on the colorful wood.

    Select large wooden pendants with words of affection to decorate all your seasonal creations such as lucky charms, candles and all your handmade jewelry.

    Nikolis Group designs, produces and renews its collection daily with new designs about the family. Discover wooden pendants and frames "for the best" that you can combine with the person you love the most. Find wooden houses with the expression "Home Sweet Home" and the words "love" and "family" as well as wooden tags with other expressions such as: "home is where MOM is".

    In this category you will find all the wooden components you need for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Discover beautifully painted colorful pendants "for the best dad", bookmarks "for the best mom" with an evil eye for good luck, buttons and flowers as well as wooden tags and small oval or rectangular connectors for macrame braiding.

    Find an item for each family member and make original gifts, key chains and jewelry.


    In this category, discover all the wooden components for wedding day, for the bride, the groom, the best man and events that take place during the preparation. Choose beautiful connectors for the "best man", the "bridesmaid" or "Team Bride" and create wonderful bracelets for the big day.

    Choose a "Bride’s Team" charm in the shape of a wooden crown or heart. Find beautiful round designs for the mother of the groom and the bride as well as wooden ID connectors for the "Bridesmaid" ideal for making macrame bracelets.

    Enjoy the excellent quality of products provided by Nikolis Group and create souvenir bracelets and necklaces combining components for the bride with macrame cords, semi-precious stones, crosses and metal beads


    Discover the entire collection of Nikolis Group with wooden pendants for godfathers, godmothers and for the best godchild. Find special and uniquely designed charms and pendants that honor the godmother and the godfather. You can choose between natural wood and colored-painted pendants that stand out for their design originality. 

    Select your favourite godmother or godfather design and create either beautiful jewelry or add the pendants in key rings for the perfect gift. They can also be glued to a bigger craft composition or be decorated with flatback stones, ribbons and strass for a more glamourous or sophisticated result.

    In addition to christenings and events, the wooden godfather and godmother pendants, can also be used for seasonal creations such as decorate the Easter candles but also create beautiful lucky deco charms.

    Discover the unparalleled quality and excellent application of the materials offered by Nikolis Group and make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for the godparents.


    Find wonderful wooden designs for the teacher. Nikolis Group offers you a unique wooden collection of painted components for the best teacher.

    Discover stunning wooden designs with painted representations of teachers and children in front of blackboards. Find "Best teacher" wooden hearts as well as pendants in the shape of a notebook or a bookmark.

    In the wooden collection of the teacher, you can find items such as a prize for the best teacher, bookmarks, rulers, charms and pendants with hearts and pencils, coasters with representations for school as well as components that thank the teachers for their contribution during the year.

    Create wonderful souvenirs, key chains and decorative handmade creations for your favorite teachers. The Super Teacher is a fact and is the one we love the most. Rate her or him with an A+ or a 10! and discover how to make the most beautiful gifts through the vast collection of components offered by Nikolis Group.


    Have a look at our collection of wooden geometric components in natural wood, colored or painted. Discover round, polygonal, triangular and hexagonal parts, cubes painted with 3D illusion as well as triangular parts with animal representations.

    Geometric patterns on wood are a fashion trend on the catwalks of many famous designers as it is combines perfectly with your daily looks. Create earrings and pendants by combining different geometric shapes, adding semi-precious stones and metal beads and your result will be amazing.

    Nikolis Group designs and produces wooden geometric components for you exclusively, which can be worn as a set in various sizes and colors. Discover wooden flat back pendants that you can either stick to a larger composition or add a metal pin to the back and create wonderful earrings.

    In this category you will also find wooden geometric pendants and charms that have been combined with irregular or round stones to give a more special and unique result to your composition. Discover various geometric shapes, sets of pendants, arrows, crescents, Celtic symbols and geometric grids that will inspire you to create amazing geometric handmade creations.


    Browse through all the ethnic wooden elements to create impressive jewelry and decorations. The ethnic element combines magically with the purity of wood.

    Discover traditional cultural pendants like the Fatima or Hamsa hands, totems, the magical healing energy of the Mandala, the eternal transformation of the line into repeated orbits, and find your favorite pattern that will give extra meaning to your creations.

    Choose geometric and irregular wooden painted ethnic designs with beautiful color combinations. Make earrings, necklaces and jewelry by choosing ethnic designs with geometric lines and patterns in shapes like the tooth. the crescent, the arrow, the fan, the padlock and the horn

    Select wooden ethnic designs that we combined with resin stones for you to create amazing jewelry. Choose perforated wooden designs with lace and original ethnic representations in different colors and sizes.

    Discover painted wooden representations of ethnic figures in traditional clothing as well as wooden wings, round bonsai designs, dragons, dreamcatchers and filigree designs.

    Find various wooden components in the form of the Buddha, Celtic original symbols and geometric pendants in the shape of a drop with wonderful designs.


    Find amazing wooden animals to create original jewelry, necklaces, earrings and key chains. Choose wonderful sets of depictions with a wooden leopard, an ostrich, a zebra and an elephant. Select wooden parrots with unique colors and designs.

    Discover wooden animals for all seasonal and handmade creations. Choose bunnies that sit and read on the moon, original designs with wooden ladybugs connectors ideal for macrame bracelets. You can use wonderfully painted wooden chicks, piglets, parrots, koalas and ponies with pink and blue hearts ideal for wedding favors and decorations.

    Discover unique designs with llamas, wooden flamingos, hippos, as well as wonderful designs with unicorns and teddy bears. Find wonderful wooden rulers designed as giraffes, small round foxes, lions, tigers and unique wooden owls.

    Make the most special jewelry sets with wooden pelicans, deer, turtles and sheep. Make wonderful souvenir keychains with donkeys, swallows, butterflies, wooden dogs with hearts, squirrels and ponies.

    In our collections you will also find wonderful decorative napkin holders with bird designs, wooden ladybug connectors and ethnic designs with bulls and wooden elephants. Choose wooden colored bee, dragonflies and fish sliders.


    Check the whole collection of wooden animal print components. Find wooden designs with animal patterns in different colors and sizes. Choose different wooden shapes such as triangles, drops, irregular, round, oval and rhombuses with animal print representations.

    Find various animal pendants and charms in the shape of a tooth, crescents and rectangles. Choose colorful wooden components with combinations of animal representations and styles to create the most beautiful jewelry, necklaces and handmade creations.

    Select colorful wooden animal designs reminiscent of the zebra, the leopard or the cheetah and create stunning earrings and necklaces.


    Discover beautiful wooden floral components to create wonderful jewelry. Choose colored wooden pendants with unique floral representations and create jewelry sets with necklaces and earrings.

    Find unique wooden designs with roses, poppies, round shapes with colored flowers and green wooden leaves. Discover wooden pendants with continuous flowers with wonderful colors, painted representations in oval shapes, wooden palm trees and cacti that will impress.

    Choose wooden flowers with colorful laces to decorate all your seasonal creations such as candles, lucky charms and handmade creations. Choose floral components, ideal for macrame braiding.

    Find in our collection wooden flower buttons with evil eyes to make amulet bracelets as well as large wooden pendants with wonderful painted representations of flowers, Paisley designs, symmetrical cyclamen, wooden daisies, tulips and unique designs with the tree of life.

    Discover wooden hearts with daisies, designs such as a fan with ornate flowers, wooden palm trees and irregular wooden flowers and roses to decorate your handmade creations and make wonderful necklaces, earrings, key chains and jewelry.


    Have a look at these amazing rattan designs for you to create original jewelry. Discover wonderful colors and geometric rattan shapes with which you can decorate your fabrics, but also to seasonal handmade creations such as sandals, charms and candles.

    Rattan as a flexible wooden element is ideal for handmade jewelry. Find in our collection colorful geometric patterns such as round, semicircular rattan, concentric circles and drops that will inspire you.

    Choose triangular rattan with wonderful braids and designs such as rhombuses, circle contours and rattan drops to create unique earrings, key chains and jewelry. They are ideally combined with natural shells, plexi geometric designs and knitted cotton cords in every color.


    Find here all the wooden luck components create unique handmade jewelry. Choose wonderful wooden houses with wishes for good luck, prosperity, happiness, luck, joy and love. Discover a wide variety of wooden lucky motifs such as horseshoe, key and pomegranate.

    Choose wooden pendant cards with falling stars and wishes, wooden petals with wonderful cyclamen designs, wooden pomegranates with "Happy Holidays" wishes. Choose original colorful keys to decorate all your seasonal creations such as charms, candles but also to make wonderful keychains for your loved ones.

    Choose large wooden round pendants with messages of hope, joy and luck. Discover wonderful wooden representations with birds, kittens with words of affection, and wooden coins for good luck in various sizes and colors.

    Choose small wooden connectors in the shape of a clover, ideal for making bracelets with macrame braiding. Find in our collections wooden round frames with wishes and combine them with other components depending on what you want to create.

    In this category, you will find all the wooden components with wishes in various shapes such as stars, round, keys, rectangle or wonderful designs in the beautiful patterns of natural wood. Discover the most original wooden designs with phrases and unique painted good luck designs that will fascinate you.

    Choose sets of wooden good luck pendants to decorate your handmade creations as well as sets of good luck charms. Find lucky wooden pendants and designs to make bracelets, earrings and the most special jewelry. Choose wooden components with wishes like "you are my lucky charm", "happy life", "celebrate", "all the best" and "luck, hope, love".

    You can choose wooden tags in different colors with engraved wishes in both Greek and English as well as geometric wooden components with phrases like "you are the best" and "I love you".


    Find here wonderful wooden components with stones, pearls and rhinestones. Choose large wooden charms and pendants with rhinestones in their outline for an impressive result.

    Discover designs with rhinestones such as the wooden skull, the horn, the tooth, the nail, the feather, the sword, the arrow, the panther and the lion. Choose main symbols of strength, resistance, endurance, confidence and inner clarity combined with black transparent shiny rhinestones to impress with your creations and make unique statement jewelry.

    Choose wooden pendants such as horns with rhinestones, pearls and wonderful semi-precious stones that will dazzle you.