Wooden Ethnic Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Browse through all the ethnic wooden elements to create impressive jewelry and decorations. The ethnic element combines magically with the purity of wood.

Discover traditional cultural pendants like the Fatima or Hamsa hands, totems, the magical healing energy of the Mandala, the eternal transformation of the line into repeated orbits, and find your favorite pattern that will give extra meaning to your creations.

Choose geometric and irregular wooden painted ethnic designs with beautiful color combinations. Make earrings, necklaces and jewelry by choosing ethnic designs with geometric lines and patterns in shapes like the tooth. the crescent, the arrow, the fan, the padlock and the horn

Select wooden ethnic designs that we combined with resin stones for you to create amazing jewelry. Choose perforated wooden designs with lace and original ethnic representations in different colors and sizes.

Discover painted wooden representations of ethnic figures in traditional clothing as well as wooden wings, round bonsai designs, dragons, dreamcatchers and filigree designs.

Find various wooden components in the form of the Buddha, Celtic original symbols and geometric pendants in the shape of a drop with wonderful designs.

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1 - 45 of 45