Greek Ceramic Beads for Jewellery

Explore our wide collection of ceramic beads, pendants and sliders for jewelry that we design and produce exclusively for you.
Nikolis Group as a pioneer in the production of high quality handmade ceramic beads offers a large variety of components that will make your creations stand out.

Choose enamel-glazed ceramic parts to create your own handmade jewelry of unique design and beauty.

In our collection you will find a wide variety of ceramic beads, tubes, washers, as well as ceramic enamel-glazed sliders to give a timeless result to your creations.

Choose ceramic summer components such as boats, fish, starfish, hearts, flowers, butterflies, as well as geometric ceramic parts for your creations, for christening decorations, key chains, gift items, lucky charms, candles and jewellery.

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    Find in this section all the ceramic tubes and washers you can add to your jewelry creations. Find ceramic washers in many colors and shapes. Choose ceramic triangles, squares and rectangular ceramic tubes in various sizes to create beautiful jewelry and decorations. Enjoy ceramic beads of excellent quality and application to make the most beautiful handmade compositions.


    Discover wonderful ornate ceramic designs and pendants to make beautiful handmade jewelry creations. At Nikolis Group we offer you a huge variety of ceramic components with unique design and excellent quality. Discover summer ceramic pendants, flowers, hearts, butterflies, geometric and irregular parts that can decorate all your creations. Add ceramic pendants and charms to jewelry, christening decorations, key chains, bags, lucky charms and all your seasonal creations.


    Here you will find our large collection of ceramic beads of high quality and application to make wonderful handmade jewelry and to decorate your creations. Find small and large ceramic beads in a wide variety of colors and sizes that will inspire you. Choose ceramic enamel-glazed beads for a glossier timeless effect. Add ceramic beads to your seasonal creations, in christening decorations, key chains, in various finishes and combinations for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


    Explore our unique collection of ceramic beads specially shaped for each cord you choose to use. Choose ceramic sliders for 5mm and 10mm, either round, flat or for regaliz leather. Find here all the ceramic sliders of various shapes such as geometric, rectangular, round, crosses, crowns, skulls, elephants and other animals. Add ceramic sliders to all your creations, in christening decorations, key chains as well as large compositions of statement jewelry.