Components for Luck and Wishes

Find here all the wooden luck components create unique handmade jewelry. Choose wonderful wooden houses with wishes for good luck, prosperity, happiness, luck, joy and love. Discover a wide variety of wooden lucky motifs such as horseshoe, key and pomegranate.

Choose wooden pendant cards with falling stars and wishes, wooden petals with wonderful cyclamen designs, wooden pomegranates with "Happy Holidays" wishes. Choose original colorful keys to decorate all your seasonal creations such as charms, candles but also to make wonderful keychains for your loved ones.

Choose large wooden round pendants with messages of hope, joy and luck. Discover wonderful wooden representations with birds, kittens with words of affection, and wooden coins for good luck in various sizes and colors.

Choose small wooden connectors in the shape of a clover, ideal for making bracelets with macrame braiding. Find in our collections wooden round frames with wishes and combine them with other components depending on what you want to create.

In this category, you will find all the wooden components with wishes in various shapes such as stars, round, keys, rectangle or wonderful designs in the beautiful patterns of natural wood. Discover the most original wooden designs with phrases and unique painted good luck designs that will fascinate you.

Choose sets of wooden good luck pendants to decorate your handmade creations as well as sets of good luck charms. Find lucky wooden pendants and designs to make bracelets, earrings and the most special jewelry. Choose wooden components with wishes like "you are my lucky charm", "happy life", "celebrate", "all the best" and "luck, hope, love".

You can choose wooden tags in different colors with engraved wishes in both Greek and English as well as geometric wooden components with phrases like "you are the best" and "I love you".

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1 - 100 of 312