Various Metal Clasps for Jewellery

Find various zamak and brass metal clasps and buttons on our website that can be combined with different cords. For flat cords, you can find clasps in the shape of a hook, anchor, heart, buckle, fish, handcuffs, but also several options with settings for flat backs or rivoli. For round cords, discover our styles featuring tubes, an axe, dolphin tail, shark, rectangular and oval shapes, as well as sliders and clasps with 2 holes and chaton settings. We have also designed clasps for rubber and regaliz leather cords. You will find zamak clasp connectors, bails, hooks, and clasps with clips. Use beautiful metal buttons to compliment your jewellery and decorate your seasonal accessories. We have designed and produced several metallic buttons, including discs, cross designs hearts, flowers, hammered look components, and options with settings for rivoli. Finally, choose from our smart bead clasps for easy yet discrete fastening options. Smart bead clasps are perfect to replace the classic macrame end knot, as their design allows length adjustments. Create your own unique necklaces and bracelets, using the metal clasps Nikolis Group has produced especially for you.

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