Christmas charms, pendants and decorations

Discover our wide collection of Christmas components, charms, pendants and decorations in a variety of materials. Find all the Christmas and New Year's decorations, lucky charms, and jewellery components you need, for the holiday season. Select plaid and Christmas ribbons, and house decorations, to bring the holiday spirit in your living room or your office. Burlap tapes, cotton and polyester ribbons with christmas trees, gifts, and wishes, as well as velvet ribbons can be used for decor, or for present wrapping. Plexi acrylic and wooden decorations featuring the evil eye for luck, the four leaf clover, a pomegranate are always considered a nice gift idea for the beginning of the new year. Use tassels and charms for the perfect New Year's lucky decorations. Nikolis Group offers you lucky charm decos in several materials, including metallic, plexi acrylic, wood, ceramic, beads, tassels, and ribbons, to make your own unique handmade decorations and jewelry. Browse our categories to find christmas decorations, connectors, pendants, and charms, such as stars, Christmas trees, snow globes, balls, stockings, angels, and several designs with wishes. We offer silver 925 charms and pendants, metal connectors and sliders with enamel, and ceramic Christmas pendants, featuring reindeers, santa claus, mistletoe, candy canes, a snowman, a house, and the evil eye, that will inspire you. Deco balls, velvet pillows, glass bottles, immitation snow, wooden frames, and felt decorations have been designed and produced by Nikolis Group, to offer you all the products you could imagine, always at the best quality. Use our unique decorations to send wishes to your loved ones, adding your own touch for a personalized gift.

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  • Metal Christmas 2022

    Our website offers a wide variety of Christmas zamak and brass metal lucky charms, pendants, connectors, and sliders, to create your own jewelry, keyrings, and decorations for the New Year. Select beads and sliders for necklaces and bracelets, in unique designs representing the new year. Discover a collection including pomegranates, snowflakes, horseshoes, four leaf clovers, stars, tags and bars, making them perfect for lucky charm bracelets and necklaces. Browse this category for lucky charms and pendants with padlocks, keys, the tree of life, Christmas bells, reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees, the North star, angels, and a snowman. We have designed and produced metal pendants and connectors with wishes including luck, hope, love and happiness, to add warmth to your holiday jewellery and decorations. Use metal Christmas components with designs like a clock, a flower, a playing card, a boat, or a garlic, available in a selection of metal platings, and make your own handmade lucky charms and decos for the New Year. 

  • Metal w/ Enamel 2022

    Nikolis Group offers a collection of zamak and brass metal pendants and charms, with enamel to add color and shine to your jewellery, this Holiday season. Our components are designed and produced at the highest quality, exclusively for you. Discover designs featuring metal pomegranates with enamel, padlock hearts and keys, horseshoes with an eye, stars, and four leaf clovers, to create beautiful handmade lucky pendants and decorations for the New Year. Select round lucky symbols, heart enamelled pendants and charms, star connectors, a metal olive branch, and sliders, to add character to your Christmas bracelets and necklaces. You can find house enamelled designs, a garlic with the evil eye for luck, wings, and playing cards, in several metal platings to select from. Choose metal connectors with enamel in great designs such as horseshoes, four leaf clovers, keys and pomegranates so as to create beautiful bracelets with macrame braidings. Create unique keyrings choosing metallic ship pendants with enamel in order to give it to your loved ones.

  • Wood Christmas 2022

    Discover a wide variety of wooden Christmas pendants and charms to create your own unique jewellery and holiday decorations. Explore wooden house designs, stars, pendants and charms with ishes and words including luck, hope, joy, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. Select pendants with cork and pomegranates, Christmas trees, as well as wooden designs specially for the family, for the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, godmother, godfather, brother, and sister and create beautiful keyrings. Find fantastic wooden lucky pendants with unicorns, elves, the gingerbread man, Santa Claus, bears, reindeer, stars, Christmas balls, snowflakes, four leaf clovers, keys and bells with wishes like "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year". Browse our collection for Christmas door hangers with wishes, bookmarks, wooden clips, and boards to start your own Christmas and New Year's countdown. We produce high quality wooden components featuring Christmas sweaters and gifts, mistletoe, teddy bears, the evil eye, ships and boats, stars and moons, and plenty with warm wishes like "Dreams come True", "Merry and Bright" and "Let it Snow". Use our charms and connectors to create lucky earrings and bracelets with macrame braidings. Finally, you can find blackboards shaped as a house, a heart, a star, an angel, and a Christmas tree, to use chalk and draw any festive message you like for your loved ones.

  • Plexi Christmas 2022

    Find all the plexi acrylic Christmas components, charms, pendants, and connectors, to make the most unique jewellery and holiday decorations. We produce a vast collection of Christmas and New Year's plexi designs to select your favourite and create beautiful lucky charms. Discover Christmas pendants with wishes like "Merry Christmas", "Best Mom", "Best Dad", "My 1st Christmas" and "Merriest Wishes" to add warmth and create personalized decos and gifts. Select connectors and charms with pomegranates with glitter, stars, Christmas Candy, stockings, balls, hearts and round plexi acrylic pieces representing the new year. You can use plexi houses including wishes, four leaf clovers with the eye, snowflakes flatbacks, little angels and bells with mirror colored plexi and christmas pendants especially designed for the whole family, mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather. We also design for you, festive napkin holders to decorate your holiday table. Select charms and connectors with wishes for luck, love, joy, hope and peace for the New Year, and create Chrismas bracelets with macrame braidings. 

  • Wood & Plexi Acrylic 2022

    Discover all the wooden - plexi acrylic pendants, charms, and connectors you need to create unique Christmas and New Year's lucky decorations and jewellery. Find a wide collection designed and produced by Nikolis group, featuring pomegranates, garlands, house designs with the evil eye, angel wings, and many other options with wishes for the holidays. We offer beautiful designs, combining the textures of wood and plexi, creating a unique result. Select a star piece, the words "HOPE" and "LOVE" with the eye for a lucky new year, a garlic, a snowglobe with a Christmas tree design, a four leaf clover, and bells, all made at the highest quality. Use charms with a festive character, including pieces in words, "joy", "love", and other designs with engraved phrases like "Best wishes" and create your own holiday decorations for your friends and family. 

  • Ceramics Christmas 2022

    Discover all the ceramic Christmas pendants and decorations, to make unique holiday lucky charms and decos. Select ceramic pendant bells, stars, Christmas trees, four leaf clovers, horseshoes, angels, hearts, houses, pomegranates as well as lucky pendants with the evil eye. Nikolis Group designs and produces exclusively for you, aiming to provide you with a wide collection of Christmas elements and share the holiday spirit of the season. Find ceramic pendants with enamel to add more color and shine to your handmade designs,  as well as ceramic designs with a cracked effect, featuring a horseshoe, an eye, and a key.

  • Christmas Tabletop 2022

    A variety of tabletop decorations for the new year, can be found on our website, exclusively designed and produced by Nikolis Group. Use tassels and ribbons to give an extra touch to your favourite lucky decoration. Discover plexi acrylic lucky decos, featuring pomegranates with the eye for good luck, house designs, four leaf clovers, the evil eye, and trees, in several shapes and sizes. We have also combined wood and plexi to create unique pieces with designs like keys, the Hamsa hand, even a double face option with the eye. Choose Deco options with a star, the words "family" and "home", as well as eyes in several shapes, allow you to add tassels for extra volume in your decorations. Select wooden frames and add your favourite materials for a unique handmade lucky decoration.  

  • Christmas Ribbons 2022

    Browse this category of products for a variety of plaid and Christmas ribbons, to create fancy holiday decorations or to wrap your Christmas presents. Make your own unique handmade lucky new-year charms, and jewelry, decorating with colorful or natural ribbons, with many options to select from. Discover plaid ribbon designs, options with lace, with stars, snowflakes, and Christmas patterns. We also carry cotton and velvet ribbons, featuring Christmas trees, Merry Christmas wishes in english and greek, and gifts, that will inspire you. Use burlap hemp spools, and plaid bows for versatility, and decorate gifts for your loved ones.  

  • Silver 925 Christmas 2022

    Find our collection of Silver 925 lucky Christmas charms and pendants, to create your own beautiful jewelry and decorations. Discover unique designs featuring Christmas trees, angels, falling stars, Santa Claus, a house, deer, mistletoe, and a snowman, that will inspire you this holiday season. Select pieces with pomegranates, horseshoes, leaves, and candy canes, as well as Silver 925 charms with enamel, to give a festive character to your handmade designs. 

  • Various Christmas 2022

    Nikolis Group offers you all the Christmas ornaments, materials, and charms you need, to decorate your tree and home. In this category you can find brass bells, velvet pumpkins, pomegranates and pillows, glass bottles, round templates, immitation snow, and see-through deco balls and hearts to craft your own handmade Christmas decorations. Discover our collection of zamak metal charms with enamel, featuring Santa Claus, bells, snowflakes, Christmas trees and socks, and Santa's sleigh. Make your own handcrafted lucky charms with pom pons, felt angels, and sequin stars. Select bamboo and wooden embroidery sewing frames to make beautiful festive settings using fabrics, ribbons, cords, and other plexi or wood decos.