Wooden Geometrical Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Have a look at our collection of wooden geometric components in natural wood, colored or painted. Discover round, polygonal, triangular and hexagonal parts, cubes painted with 3D illusion as well as triangular parts with animal representations.

Geometric patterns on wood are a fashion trend on the catwalks of many famous designers as it is combines perfectly with your daily looks. Create earrings and pendants by combining different geometric shapes, adding semi-precious stones and metal beads and your result will be amazing.

Nikolis Group designs and produces wooden geometric components for you exclusively, which can be worn as a set in various sizes and colors. Discover wooden flat back pendants that you can either stick to a larger composition or add a metal pin to the back and create wonderful earrings.

In this category you will also find wooden geometric pendants and charms that have been combined with irregular or round stones to give a more special and unique result to your composition. Discover various geometric shapes, sets of pendants, arrows, crescents, Celtic symbols and geometric grids that will inspire you to create amazing geometric handmade creations.

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1 - 100 of 103