The Nikolis Group Company

Producing since 1987

Design Innovation - High Quality - Dynamic Production

Nikolis Group S.A. has been offering in quality services as a costume jewelry and accessories component manufacturer for 35 years. Since our establishment in 1987 we have been developed with consistency and reliability, offering our partners worldwide the most innovative and quality materials. With a labor force that exceeds 150 people we are considered as one of the biggest companies in the sector in Europe.

“Make fashion around the world…”

“Team = Together Everyone Achieve More”

Today Nikolis Group S.A. operates 3 production units (2 in Greece and 1 in the Far East) and it is considered one of Europe's top fashion components manufacturers.

Our designing team creates on a daily basis, to keep up with our customers' demands and latest market trends.


Visit any of our 4 wholesale stores located in the commercial heart of the city centres in Athens and Thessaloniki and find out whatever you need to realise your ideas. Meet in there our experienced staff and be sure they will do their best to assist you.

“From the runways to your designs”

Find us at the most important international trade fairs in Bijorcha (Paris), Homi (Milan) and Bisutex (Madrid) as well as in domestic fairs in Greece and take the chance to be informed about the new items and latest fashion trends. We are exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide.

“Quality is the best business plan”

We produce in Greece high quality metal castings and brass findings in many platings under a full casting accessory production line with semi and fully-automated machines and a large series of automated turn cutting machines. We are using raw materials to comply with all the EU's regulations and we are offering more than 6000 designs to your needs. All plated in our new fully synchronised plating lab.

We produce also the famous Greek Ceramic Beads in various techniques and colours and we are able to manufacture dyed and enamelled ceramics as well as "fimo" mosaic beads in a huge variety of shapes, colors and techniques.