Wooden Family Charms & Pendants for Jewellery

Find here all the wooden pendants and connectors for the family. Discover wonderful designs such as wooden stars and wooden hearts with loving words written for mom, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle.

Choose round colored pendants and charms for the family. Make astonishing jewelry and keychain gifts for the best mom and the best dad with unique designs painted on the colorful wood.

Select large wooden pendants with words of affection to decorate all your seasonal creations such as lucky charms, candles and all your handmade jewelry.

Nikolis Group designs, produces and renews its collection daily with new designs about the family. Discover wooden pendants and frames "for the best" that you can combine with the person you love the most. Find wooden houses with the expression "Home Sweet Home" and the words "love" and "family" as well as wooden tags with other expressions such as: "home is where MOM is".

In this category you will find all the wooden components you need for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Discover beautifully painted colorful pendants "for the best dad", bookmarks "for the best mom" with an evil eye for good luck, buttons and flowers as well as wooden tags and small oval or rectangular connectors for macrame braiding.

Find an item for each family member and make original gifts, key chains and jewelry.

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1 - 84 of 84