Discover Nikoli's group wide collection of zamak and brass Ethnic pendants and charms, available in different platings. Create unique and distinct jewelry using classic metal designs, spiritual symbols, tribals, and geometric pieces in several sizes. Select from a variety of original and elegant metal feathers, dream catchers, metal bars, sliders, rectangular and round pendants, as well as collar and cast connectors that will inspire you and add character to your designs. Find Celtic and Egyptian symbols, ethnic geometric shapes, filigree, bar pendants and connectors, hand fans, horns, tooth charms, and arrows, to combine with other fashion components and create earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Choose from the Om symbol, the Hamsa hand of Fatima, the Yin-Yang symbol, and Buddha's head, to make your own unique good luck jewelry, key-rings, and male jewelry sets. You can decorate your jewellery with elaborate ethnic metal charms and pendant designs, as well as metallic connectors that will allow you to add beads, semiprecious stones, and tassels. For a beautiful result, combine your favourite ethnic design with our wide variety of chains or cords to compliment your creations.

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    A wide collection of metal tribals, Celtic symbols, horns, and tooth charms are designed and produced by Nikoli's group, to satisfy all tastes, for the most unique jewelry and accessories. You can find arrows and crossbows, Indian face pendants, and geometrical ethnic shapes such as triangles and rectangular charms and connectors, allowing for a creative combination of metal parts, and beads, that will elevate your designs. History references the horn and the tooth as symbols of strength and courage, an inspiration remaining to date, and considered all time classics. Select from our metal tribal charms that also originate from ancient traditions, but continue to resonate with the trends, emanating a timeless ethnic appeal.